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Most orders ship free in the USA!
Most orders ship free in the USA!

Frenchy Full Mesh 44 Gallon 8 Bag Kit by Boldt Bags

$ 1,440.00

Ready to get the full complement of micron options and filter your hash like a pro? Look no further than Boldt's Frenchy full mesh line. This 8 bag kit includes every major micron bag type you could possibly need for everything from multiple full melt captures to full spectrum as well. These bubble hash washing filter bags are truly full mesh for easy filtration. Custom designed with Frenchy Cannoli by Boldt Bags, these bags provide exceptional ice water sieving properties and award winning purity thanks to the large functional surface area and lightweight construction that allows for flexible use.

  • Sewn in California by Boldt Bags for premium durability and long lifespan
  • Unique full mesh design for easier sieving and filtration
  • Each bag measures 24" in diameter and 37" deep
  • Price includes shipping
  • Fits perfectly with our 44 gallon Bruteless ™ washer

What's Included:

  • 44 gallon 25 micron bag
  • 44 gallon 45 micron bag
  • 44 gallon 73 micron bag
  • 44 gallon 90 micron bag
  • 44 gallon 120 micron bag
  • 44 gallon 160 micron bag
  • 44 gallon 190 micron bag
  • 44 gallon 220 micron bag
  • 1" x 1" 25 micron pressing screen
  • Scraping card

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