Flower Rosin Filter Bag Kit

$ 52.00

Buy 1,000 or more bags and get an equal amount of parchment for free, plus take 15% off with code BULKBAGS18

This convenient package gives you the micron types and tools you need to press any kind of flower rosin on any rosin press.

  • Save 15% automatically buying the bundle
  • Available in multiple sizes and pack quantities to fit any rosin press or operation, from at home to commercial pressing
  • Each pack comes with half 115 micron and half 90 micron rosin filter bags

This is the perfect kit for getting the rosin press bags and tools you need to make flower rosin with any strain. Choose the option that best suits the plate size of your press as well as the volume you need to get through. 

Hand sewn in Colorado, PurePressure's rosin press filter bags are the highest quality and lowest cost solution for your rosin press! The micron rating represents the maximum size of the particle that can pass through the filter material. We color code our bag stitching with FDA food grade dyed polyester monofilament so that you always know which mesh you are working with:

  • Green = 90 micron (Ideal for Flower, Shake)
  • Grey = 115 micron (Ideal for Flower, Shake)

All of our bags are tube shaped to promote the highest yields by minimizing the distance the oil has to travel to escape the rosin bag. Simply turn it inside out, fill it up, fold over the end and you are ready to press. Each rosin filter bag is designed for one time usage only.

Bag Dimensions

All of PurePressure's premium rosin bags are designed to be turned inside out for maximum strength and seam integrity. They are intentionally made to be an extra half inch longer to allow an extra half inch for folding. For example, on a 2" wide heat plate, the 2" x 3" bag is actually 1.8" x 3.5" inside out to allow for a small amount of space around the bag to optimize your yield.

2" x 3" = 1.8" x 3.5" inside out

2" x 6" = 1.8" x 6.5" inside out

2" x 9" = 1.8" x 9.5" inside out

2.5" x 9" = 2.5” x 9.5" inside out

Watch our video to see how they're made!

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