Dual Pressure Upgrade Kit

$ 495.00

Increase yields and never have another blowout with our Dual Pressure upgrade kit!



Run your press at two different pressures with the switch of a lever! This kit adds a second regulator to the side of your Pikes Peak rosin press for dual pressure control. Set one regulator to a low pressure and one regulator to a higher pressure and easily switch between the two with the pull of a lever. This add on is extremely effective for eliminating blowouts when pressing dry sift, kief, or bubble!

This complete kit includes:

  • Two Clippard regulators
  • Custom CNC aluminum bracket
  • Manual switching lever,
  • Accessories, including tubing, fittings and hardware.

The Dual Pressure upgrade kit has everything you need to enhance your single regulator Pikes Peak Press to a true Dual Pressure system.

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