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Most orders ship free in the USA!
Most orders ship free in the USA!

Dual Pressure Pikes Peak Rosin Press Upgrade Kit

$ 495.00

Exclusively for Pikes Peak V1 models featuring single pressure. Increase yields and never have another blowout with our Dual Pressure upgrade kit! Run your press at two different pressures with the switch of a lever! This kit adds a second regulator to the side of your Pikes Peak rosin press for dual pressure control. Set one regulator to a low pressure and one regulator to a higher pressure and easily switch between the two with the pull of a lever. This add on is extremely effective for eliminating blowouts when pressing dry sift, kief, or bubble.

This kit includes:

  • Two Clippard regulators
  • Custom CNC aluminum bracket
  • Manual switching lever,
  • Accessories, including tubing, fittings and hardware.

The Dual Pressure upgrade kit has everything you need to enhance your single regulator Pikes Peak Press to a true Dual Pressure system.

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