CVault Mega 17 Liter Commercial Stainless Steel Storage Container

$ 99.99

Brand CVault

Store and Humidify Your Flower Perfectly! Commercial-Sized.

Holds 2 Pounds (906 grams).

When you need the largest commercial stainless steel curing container solution, the mega CVault is where you'll find your answer. With enough space to hold up to 17 liters of your favorite product that you want to keep fresh and pliable. The mega CVault offers this air tight food grade stainless steel curing container for whatever you need to keep your humidity within your items for food, plants, herbs, spices, breads and even tobacco. Just ask for the Mega, and we know you mean business.

Mega CVault Lid Design :

  • ¼ inch wide silicone seal throughout  to ensure an 99% airtight seal.
  • Humidity packs holder specifically designed for your Boveda® packs.

Industrial Patented Latch Design: Engineered exclusively to provide an airtight seal all the time, locking in product freshness.

Space Saving Stackable  Solution: Whatever the Size Containers are stackable and Stable.


12” x 9.5” or 31 CM x 24.5 CM
Holds a Whopping 2lbs / 17 Liters by Volume
Uses 3 Boveda 67 Gram Humidity Packs