Complete Dry Sift Rosin Press Starter Kit

$ 10,449.00

If you're looking to make profits with rosin, check out our carefully curated equipment to get you started sifting your trim and turning it into rosin. We'll help guide you through the process and get started producing terrific solvent-less concentrates with virtually any starting material.

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This kit is specifically formulated for commercial trim sifting intro rosin production so that you can get the most out of making solvent-less kief rosin right out of the box!


Total savings: $706+!

This Kit Includes:

 1x - Complete Rosin Press Starter Kit (2"x 9" mold & bags) (Total Value: $6,940)

 1x - The Alchemist by Green Broz:

Size: The Alchemist 215 (Total Value: $4,150)

Size: The Alchemist 420 (Total Value: $9,500) 


Pikes Peak Highlights

  • Full ROI breakdown available here
  • Industry-leading press technology with full custom software for total control, including free firmware updates for life
  • 5 tons of pressure output from our custom fabricated, oil-less, maintenance-free pneumatic cylinder from 120psi compressed air input (1.7 CFM)
  • Even heat distribution from 0°F - 300°F from our in-house machined aluminum plates, each with its own thermocoupler for perfect accuracy
  • Each Pikes Peak rosin press includes two sets of orientation legs, so you can operate the press vertically or horizontally
  • Ultra durable, powder-coated construction with a 1 year warranty
  • Lifetime 10% discount on rosin bags and parchment paper as a Pikes Peak press owner
  • Each press is proudly made by hand in Denver, Colorado with top quality components at our factory
  • Patent pending

Full technical specifications available here.
Operational costs & ROI calculator available here.
Note: Air compressor not included, learn more about what we recommend here.

International Customers: price does not include duty or import fees, and additional shipping charges are likely. Please contact us for information.

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