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PurePressure's singular focus is on bring you the best of the best in rosin extraction technology. From the 5 ton flagship Pikes Peak rosin press, to its 8 ton cousin the Longs Peak, PurePressure is dedicated to the art of rosin pressing and all things solventless extraction. We are also now proudly offering our two smaller manual presses, the Helix and the Helix Pro, which are available for pre-order.

PurePressure is proud to also provide the world's first truly automated rosin presses, which dramatically increase the efficiency and throughput of any solventless rosin operation.

We manufacture all of our presses at our factory in sunny Denver, Colorado from the highest quality parts available, sourcing all of our core components from other US manufactured specialty companies. Both the Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin presses can be operated vertically or horizontally and help you ensure you're making the best rosin possible.



Durability, Technology, and Customer Service

When you buy a rosin press from PurePressure, you're making an investment in a piece of equipment that is designed to truly last. Each press we build features an ultra-durable steel powder coated frame that is over-engineered for durability. With our Commercial Series rosin presses, a key feature is the use of our custom US-fabricated pneumatic cylinders, which are both oil-less and maintenance-free. They are rated in the millions of cycles from our manufacturer and provide extremely even pressure distribution compared to hydraulic or electric options.

The technology featured in every single PurePressure rosin press is unparalleled in terms of control and replicability. We believe you should have total control - and that's exactly what you get with our Pressware™ full color LCD touchscreen interface. Precision come standard, allowing you to easily adjust your temperature, pressure ramping, press time, press speed, and more. 

What you also get with PurePressure is a dedicated customer service experience unlike any other in the industry. Simply put, we're rosin nerds and we care tremendously about the experiences our customers have with our equipment. Whether you're using one of our rosin presses or our rosin filter bags, you can tell we've earned our reputation from our many 5-star reviews. In fact, we've received 5 star reviews exclusively on our Pikes Peak  and Longs Peak rosin presses. 

What Sets Us Apart From the Rest

Heat Plates

PurePressure's heat plates are consistently noted as the best in the game. Made with 100% 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, each Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin press includes four full plate length US-manufactured premium heating rods (two per plate set, top and bottom) and two individual thermocouples for perfectly accurate heat readings. Machined in-house, you can control the temperature to within 1 degree of accuracy from 0°F to 300°F. 

Even more importantly, all of PurePressure's heat plates are a long, narrow rectangular shape, with maximizes your perimeter ratio for the best results possible. Don't be fooled by square plates of stainless steel heat platens - PurePressure's heat plate kits offer extremely event heat distribution which is absolutely critical for making the best rosin possible.

To learn more about our design and what makes our heat plates the best in the business, check out these two blog articles for the full breakdown!

Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel for Rosin Press Heat Plates

The Physics Behind Rosin: Heat and Pressure



Heat, when combined with pressure, is how rosin is extracted on a rosin press. At PurePressure, we've spent countless hours pressing dozens of varieties of raw materials and measuring yield versus pressure.  The Pikes Peak rosin press utilizes a 5 ton (10,000 lb) pneumatic cylinder, whereas the Longs Peak offers an 8 ton (16,000 lb) pneumatic cylinder.  Our pneumatic cylinder requires no oiling or maintenance and through its unique design is able to achieve these high forces with only 120 PSI or 140 PSI compressed air respectively. A comparable standard air cylinder would be over 10” in diameter! At the end of the day, the most important number is the actual pressure that the material experiences. We have designed our rosin presses to provide enough pressure for high yielding extraction, maximizing the value to the user, without over-pressing or offering a suboptimal experience that is often the case with low quality hydraulic cylinders. Pressure is one of the most misunderstood aspects of rosin extraction. Often, less is more - finesse is what is demanded for top quality rosin pressing, not brute force.


Pressware™ Technology

With the new Pressware™ technology, the Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin presses set the bar for precision control. No other rosin press interface on the market is as user-friendly! PurePressure's LCD touch screens are in a class of their own when it comes to rosin presses. With a beautiful full color display you have more insight than ever before, including at-the-bag pressure readings with pre-set bag sizes. 

From temperature and time to multiple pressure stages and more, controlling every aspect of your Pikes Peak rosin press is better than ever. You can even change your settings from Imperial to Metric. Tap, save, press. Once you dial in how you want to press your flower, kief, or hash, repeat those results 100% consistently every time. Name, store, and save up to 30 pre-determined instructions which can be as simple or as granular with your settings as you can dream of.

Navigating and using the Pressware™ system is extremely simple. Everything is right in front of you, so no digging around to find your last run data, quick press, or to load your favorite recipes. Perfecting your pressing process has never been easier.

Rosin Press LCD Interface PurePressure Precision Pressware


Both the Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin press machines can be used horizontally or vertically. The traditional vertical orientation utilizes a small footprint and is ergonomically efficient for the user. The horizontal orientation allows for a gravity assisted directional flow of oil from the rosin filter bag into a collection tray. This is great for production runs and minimizes the amount of scraping parchment paper that needs to be done after each press. We have included clips built into the machine to hold your parchment paper and rosin filter bags in place in either orientation. While most of our customers press in the vertical orientation, each rosin press kit comes with two sets of legs so you can swap them out to do either orientation.

Dual Pressure Control & Plate Speed Actuation

One of the very best features that sets the Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin presses apart from the rest is PurePressure's Dual Pressure control system, which allows for the most even pressure distribution on the market. With the two regulators and toggle switch, you can start at an extremely low pressure when pressing kief or hash rosin, and then ramp up your pressure to achieve the maximum yield. It's also perfect for flower rosin, allowing you to hit it with full pressure instantly - whatever kind of rosin you are trying to make, the pressure control is unparalleled for premium results. 

Additionally, you have the ability to control your plate speed's actuation, enabling you to further control how fast or slow your plates make contact, as well as how fast or slow the pressure you've set is applied. When it comes to pressure control, 


PurePressure's rosin presses endured intense vigorous life cycle testing to ensure long lasting performance. Each and every press is built in Denver, Colorado, and are individually tested at length prior to shipment. Each rosin press comes with an integrated air filter and regulator to separate any water and condensation prior to entering the components in the press. We take pride in offering you the highest quality rosin press machines on the market.


Safety is paramount when dealing with heated rosin presses. The Pikes Peak and Longs Peak rosin presses utilize a dual button safety start to eliminate any potential pinching hazard. Further, its integrated clips hold your parchment and rosin filter bags in place while you control the press. As a final failsafe feature, an emergency stop button cuts power to the heaters and prevents the cylinder from actuating if you ever needed to stop all operation in an instant.

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