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Every press that we sell automatically comes with the option to have a free 30 minute consultation. However, if you're looking for more, we've got you covered with consulting options that fit any budget. Whether you're considering getting started with rosin extraction or you're looking for professional help, PurePressure has you covered with our extended rosin pressing consulting services. We offer completely customized consulting solutions to any sized business, with multiple options depending on your needs:

Conference calls to cover virtually any topic in rosin, in depth

Looking for advice on how to get started pressing rosin, or wanting to step up your solventless extraction game? We'll provide all of the expert knowledge you need to begin quickly and profitably.

Video demonstrations teaching the best methodologies for proper rosin extraction

We'll show you and your team exactly what they need to know in order to get the best yields possible and to increase the quality of the rosin being extracted.

Custom-tailored business advice and build out strategies

From extra equipment to proper lab space requirements, we'll work out every detail with you so you know how to create an efficient, streamlined environment to maximize rosin production. 

On-site consulting for a truly personal experience

If you want a premium experience, we'll come to you and guide you through any and all aspects of the rosin extraction process in-person. Seeing it in person with hands on training can make all the difference.