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Non-equipment purchases ship FREE in the USA!
Non-equipment purchases ship FREE in the USA!

GreenBroz Alchemist 215 (4 Pack) Extra Stainless Steel Sift Screens

$ 1,000.00
Micron Size

These are alternate or screens for the Alchemist 215 trichome sifter and are available in 180 micron (standard size), 130 micron, and 80 micron. Each kit comes with a 4 pack of GreeBroz 100% ultra durable stainless steel screens for refining your dry sift or kief! Use extra screen kits for greater efficiency with your Alchemist 215 as well as for refining your kief to even higher qualities with the 130 and 80 micron sets.

  • Save 20% when purchased with any new Alchemist 215!
  • Screens are made from 100% premium food grade stainless steel
  • Extremely easy to clean and built to last
  • Swaps out on your Alchemist 215 easily with the twist latches for quick replacements

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