Cold Gold Rosin Press Flux Plate

$ 420.00

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Good through 4/30/2019

This multifunctional tool allows you to quickly cool down your rosin for maximum terpene preservation as well as the temperature of your heat plates for mechanical fractioning when going from a high to a low temperature. Save terpenes and time with our Cold Gold flux plates.

Keep your terpenes from disappearing with PurePressure's Cold Gold flux plate. A Cold Gold plate can help you dramatically decrease the time it takes to cool your rosin down, resulting in better terpene retention after pressing. Additionally, it acts as well as to decrease your rosin press's heat plate temperatures when going from high heat extractions to low heat separations. 

Simply keep your Cold Gold flux plate in your freezer or refrigerator prior to use to have an ultra durable cold surface.

Available in two sizes, large and small.

    • Solid 100% 6061 aircraft grade aluminum 
    • Anodized gold surface for extra durability
    • High temperature resistant plastic
  • -30° to 400° F, removable handles

-30° to 400° F


Large Specs:

10" x 12" x 2" (15.5" wide with handles)

24.1 lb

Small Specs:

8" x 9" x 2" (12.5" wide with handles) 

14.4 lb

Note: the visual surface finish will be variable due to the finishing and anodizing process. However, all Cold Gold plates will be smooth of burrs and will not damage your heat plates. Each plate is unique. 

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