Ice Water Hash Starter Kit

$ 3,605.00 $ 3,349.99

All the modern equipment you need to start washing, freeze drying, and pressing bubble hash rosin like the pros do. Multiple options to fit any sized operation!

The base Ice Water Hash Starter Kit includes the following items:

Kit Upgrades

  1. Bubble Bags
  2. Freeze Dryers
  3. Oil-Free 7 CFM Scroll Vacuum Pump
  4. Rosin Pressing Accessory Kit
  5. Extra Hash Washers

Not sure exactly what to get?

We'd be happy to help you select the package that works perfectly for you. Just send us an email at or call us at 720-446-9565.

We curated these products after talking with many of the most reputable hash makers in the industry to offer you the same tools they use. All prices include shipping to the lower 48 states. For international customers, please contact us to get an accurate quote.


Bubble Bag Upgrade Options

We recommend the 20 gallon 8 bag kit for virtually every operation unless you are hand washing at home for personal use, in which case the 5 gallon 8 bag kit is what you want. Having additional micron bags helps ensure you have your best shot at capturing your best ice water hash types.

You will also be able to select how many work bags you would like and what sizes. Usually having an extra work bag helps speed up the process significantly.

Freeze Dryer Upgrade Options

We typically recommend the Pharmaceutical lineup of freeze dryers, which have nearly 2x the capacity of the standard models and the Scientific models. The Scientific freeze dryers will give you the very best with an unbelievable amount of control. 

Oil-Free Scroll Vacuum Pump Upgrade

Adding this oil-free pump, while expensive, is 100% worth the cost to avoid having to change the oil frequently which is necessary on the standard models and Pharmaceutical freeze dryers. Each freeze dryer comes with a vacuum pump and the Scientific models already includes an oil free pump automatically. 

Rosin Press Complete Accessory Kits

200 premium rosin filter bags, 250 sheets of 35 lb parchment, a pre-press mold, collection tool, and more to help streamline your hash rosin pressing operation. Available in a 2" x 9" and 2.5" x 9" kit size.

Add Extra Hash Washers

We recommend a hash washer to almost everyone because hand washing can be difficult. The Koblenz LCK50 is a gravity-fed drain washer that is inexpensive and works very well for the purpose. For anything other than home and personal use situations, getting two washers or more is usually required.

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