Bruteless Stainless Steel Hash Washing Vessels

$ 2,725.00

Now available for pre-order! Expected February 2019.

The best in hash washing. Our new cryo insulation, sanitary FDA approved stainless steel vessels help you make better hash, and a lot more of it.

  • Bruteless vessels are 100% FDA food grade compliant and feature sanitary welded stainless steel. Extremely easy to clean with no nooks or crannies for bacteria/mold to grow.

  • A removable stainless steel false bottom protects your trichomes during the wash process, keeping your ice and work bags 3" above your hash. Integrated baffles a turbulent-free zone at the bottom of the Bruteless hash washer.

  • Thick 1" cryogenic insulated sleeve dramatically reduces ice usage by up to 50%. Insulation is removable for cleaning as necessary.

  • Each Bruteless hash washer offers three strategically placed separate drain/fill ports: one to fill, one to skim, and one to drain. A sturdy stainless steel lid is also included.


The skim port allows you to drain off chlorophyll-rich water, keeping it away from your high quality ice water hash. 

    Shipping and handling is included in the retail price to the lower 48 United States. Ships February 2019.

    Each washer comes with one 1" stainless steel butterfly ball valve and matching size stainless steel lid. Optional food grade stainless steel and polyethylene washing paddle is also available for purchase. Each barrel is hand ground and polished 


    Capacities (fresh frozen, wet weight)

    30 Gallon: up to 7,000 grams 

    44 Gallon: up to 11,500 grams

    65 Gallon: up to 18,000 grams


    What is a sanitary weld?

    "What is a sanitary weld, you ask? It's a weld that is 100% penetrated and has a smooth face where it will contact the product. This ensures easy and reliable cleaning and no crevices or oxidation to harbor bacteria and crud. This weld joint is very common in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and dairy industries." - Source

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