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5 Strains to Grow and Press Into Rosin for 2019

We always say that if you want to have the best rosin around, you need to start with the best flower possible. With a world of options at your disposal, we wanted to offer up some of the best choices to grow and press this year.

That said, let’s take a look at some of our top picks and what they bring to the table:

Zkittlez Live Rosin from 710 Labs PurePressure Zkittlez Rosin Pressing

Zkittlez Live Rosin, Produced by 710 Labs


From the cultivation specialists at 3rd Gen Fam, Zkittlez is a hybrid strain known for its immense flavor and aromas that crosses just about every enjoyable flavor. So much so that it has earned dozens of awards, including top honors at Chalice California. Cultivators love this strain for its ability to wash well and produce excellent flower and rosin.

Zkittlez gives off an aroma that combines notes from the Earth in addition to sweet, citrus fruit fruits and herbs. Consumers love its flavor that offers up a sweet taste, often associated with berries, grapes and tropical fruits.

GMO Live Rosin Garlic Cookies Rosin Papas Select PurePressure

GMO Live Rosin Sauce from Papa's Select

GMO (a/k/a Garlic Cookies)

If you are in the market for a unique cultivar, then consider Garlic Cookies. Also known as GMO, this is a strain that comes with much buzz about its aroma and ability to be extracted into a number of concentrates. Originally bred by Mamiko Seeds, this super popular strain gives consumers a truly rare consumption experience. That includes a robust flavor and aroma that lives up to its namesake. It also offers unique cannabis notes, including curry and musky incense.

The effects of the plant may somehow transcend the talk over its aroma and flavor profiles. Consumers often note a strong body high that only grows stronger when consumed as an extract. Speaking of extracts, GMO earned itself a reputation as a top-notch hash producing plant. It makes ideal source material for a range of extracts from live resin to dry sift as well as rosin.

Strawnana Sugar Wax Live Rosin Olio PurePressure Solventless Strawnana Rosin

Strawnana Rosin Sugar Wax from Olio


The flavor combination of strawberries and banana is about as well known as peanut butter and jelly. It is iconic and beloved by generations. The same applies to this cultivar known for having some of these most potent effects in the industry today. As such, this extremely fruity and floral strain washes well and is used by some of the best hash makers in cannabis.

Strawnana comes from the folks at DNA Genetics, who worked with Serious Seeds to bring it to life. And the cannabis community has benefited from their combined efforts. Consumers often rave about the enjoyable flavors, but also rave about its energizing effects despite being a 70% indica dominant strain.

Hat Trick Oni Seed Co Live Rosin Badder Olio PurePressure Solventless Rosin

Hat Trick Live Rosin Badder, also from Olio

Hat Trick

Oni Seed Co. brought Hat Trick into our lives, and not much else is known about it. One thing that we are sure of is that it is an elite strain that absolutely dumps. This deep purple looking strain has a reputation for producing incredible extracts. They include purple hash like the beauty shown below.

Cultivators should expect to see their Hat Trick strains produce great branches with an ideal structure. Meanwhile, consumers should expect to fall in love with its rich flavor and aromatic profiles, which include strong notes of citrus, spices and musky oils.

Citradelic Sunset Rosin Live Rosin Greendot Labs PurePressure

Perhaps the best picture ever taken of Citradelic Sunset, from owner Dave at Green Dot Labs

Citradelic Sunset

Those in the market for a quintessential sativa may find what they need with Citradelic Sunset. Brought into the world by Ethos Genetics, this is a cultivar that has been produced by a few others along the way. They include standout work from the likes of Green Dot Labs.

Cultivators are fans of Citradelic Sunset for its knack for producing incredible flowers. Meanwhile, consumers report the strains ability to offer up both gas and fruit aromas. Though, fruit flavors do tend to be the most present, with sour orange, lime and other sweet fruits can be detected.

Let’s Give It Up for Solventless Genetics

Thanks to advancements over the years, solventless extraction is one of the most exciting spaces in cannabis. Additional thanks need to go out to the cultivators creating these incredible strains. Their labor allows us to advance rosin genetics and cannabis as a whole. As the industry continues to develop, so should the solventless genetics space that benefits from the advancements made on both sides of the industry.

If you have any questions about what strains to use, reach out to our consultants at Pure Cannalabs. We’re happy to get your business going on the right track.  

And be sure to let us know your top strains for growing and pressing!

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