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The Best Cannabis Trade Shows to Attend (2018/2019)

One of the best practices for getting seen in your industry is networking. Trade shows and expos represent some of the best ways to efficiently network with hundreds of businesses and people in one fell swoop.

Our PurePressure team is proud to be some of the familiar faces you find darting across the world at these shows and expos. From Toronto to Las Vegas to right here in Denver, there are numerous trade shows for cannabis enthusiasts, investors and businesses to attend. Here are some of the few you can regularly find us at.

PurePressure MJ Biz Cannabis Trade Show Expo Las Vegas

MJBizCon: Las Vegas, Nevada

The entire MJBizCon series, which includes MJBizConINT'L and MJBizConNEXT, is incredible, but the premier event of the year has to be the flagship event held in the middle of November. The largest industry show in the world brings together investors, tech innovators, brands and much more from all across the globe. MJBizCon is an ideal marketplace for B2B activity, where partnerships can start to be forged on the showroom floor. Or, as they so aptly put it, MJBizCon, “is the preeminent conference to drive business deals and forge valuable connections with cannabis professionals in business today.”

This year's speakers (2018) are once again a who's who in the cannabis industry, including Codie Sanchez of CS Ventures, Boris Jordan of Curaleaf and Chris Hagedorn of Hawthorne Gardening. Attending so many trade shows can be difficult on the schedule and bank account. If you find yourself hard up for time or funds and can only choose one to attend, make it MJBizCon. Your business won’t regret it.

Emerald Cup Tradeshow Cannabis Solventless Concentrates Rosin Press

The Emerald Cup: Santa Rosa, California

The Emerald Cup is often considered as one of the top cannabis "culture" trade shows each year. It is held each December from the historic and bountiful Emerald Triangle in Northern California. Focusing on its local crowd and legacy, the show is regarded for its connection to cannabis culture. As such, awards from the Emerald Cup carry a weight that not many other titles can claim to possess. Awards are handed out in a number of subjects. 2017 saw titles handed out for flower, CBD, concentrates, infused products, innovation, terpenes and farming.

In addition to showing off the best in the business and notable speakers, The Emerald Cup also boasts a bevy of other attractions, including glass artists and live music. The 15th iteration of the Emerald Cup boasts acts like Big Gigantic, STS9 and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. When it comes to glass, Emerald Cup values its connection to this community and promotes its innovation alongside the cannabis boom. Enthusiasts and businesses alike are sure to benefit from their journey up to the Emerald Triangle for the Cup.

Lift & Co Cannabis Tradeshow Canada PurePressure Rosin Presses

The Lift & Co. Expo: Toronto and Vancouver

We all know that Canada is booming thanks to adult use legalization this past October. What some may not know is that Canada has been blowing up with amazing cannabis trade shows for some time now. The LIFT Expo is Canada’s largest event and is held twice a year, held at both Vancouver and Toronto. It is self-described as Canada's meeting place for cannabis. Both iterations of LIFT bring together top speakers, consumers, industry professionals, investors and more. Toronto held its event, the third for the series, this past May with the fourth show coming from Vancouver this January.

Before legalization, LIFT already was one of the best new trade shows to connect with top people in cannabis. Now, the pay off is that much more substantial. The industry-only event will be even more rife with opportunities than before. Hundreds of exhibitors are slated to be on hand - including us! We can’t wait to see what LIFT delivers in the months and years to come.

Indo Expo Trade Show PurePressure Cannabis Rosin Press Machines

The INDO EXPO Trade Show: Denver, San Francisco, Portland

INDO says its events are the place to "Source. Shop. Network. Learn." We’re inclined to agree.

The expo hosts three shows a year. This January brings INDO to our neck of the woods in Denver. Then, an April stop in San Francisco and an August expo in Portland. The show's primary focus is on B2B relationship building while offering a showcase for a number of professionals in producing, processing, wholesaling and retailing cannabis.

Its reputation as one of the great B2B trade shows helped INDO thrive for some time now. To keep the focus on business growth, INDO offers one day exclusive to business and another that is open to the general public. While business is certainly the prime focus, INDO aims to provide something for everyone from buyers to casual attendees. In addition to meeting hundreds of exhibitors, the trade show also includes product demos, seminars, classes and workshops.

Heading to any trade shows in 2018 or 2019? Contact us and let us know which you’ll be attending. We’d love to connect with you. See you on the showroom floor!