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Where Does Canada Go to Get High Quality Rosin Presses?

Rosin pressing gained steam in Canada over recent years and will almost assuredly trend upwards in the years to come. The tried and true DIY hair straightener method has existed for about three years, and now rosin tech is starting to take hold. Canadian rosin pressers know the benefits of a clean, solvent-free, high THC efficiency rosin, but often can’t produce the product with domestic equipment.

Even as Canada grows in prominence across the globe, its products and services will take time to form back home. Slow business development can lead to space in the marketplace for a variety of products and services. Due to a less than stellar domestic marketplace Canadian rosin pressing is currently stunted. This leaves them to likely buy from American brands who export the needed extraction technology.

As time progresses, Canada is sure to catch up and develop comparable rosin tech domestically. However, for now, that is not the case. We’ve heard from numerous Canadian consumers and companies telling us the pain points of rosin pressing. That’s why PurePressure serves as the solution for getting more great golden rosin in the Great White North. With a slew of products and more coming, we hope to bridge the gap between Canada and high-quality rosin.

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The Potential and Current Canadian Rosin Pressing Situation

Even with legalization a few months away, Canada's marijuana market has been booming for some time now. One of its prime drivers comes from exports of cannabis across the world for medical and research related purposes. Countries like Germany currently cannot produce the marijuana needed for its program. Until it can cultivate cannabis in the country, it turns to Canada for its supply. The same is happening in Australia, where Canada sells flower, concentrates and intellectual property, and several others.  

Moreover, yet, despite the nation's growth as a global presence in the market, it faces numerous hurdles to improving the market. While this is expected, it does not diminish the fact that getting a quality Canadian-made rosin press is still an issue. This lack is a problem that affects both commercial and personal use yields. In turn, Canadians have to settle for lower-grade rosin presses made in the country or go to the United States.

This situation comes as a bit of a surprise as Canada is the first country to federally regulate dabs. It's unclear if any rules will change come legalization day on July 1. However, a 2016 set of rules called the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), officials banned flammable materials from altering cannabis. That includes petroleum, butane and propane to name a few. CO2 is still allowed but is difficult to manipulate. As is the case, the demand for solvent-free concentrates grows exponentially - and that's without considering the $100,000 or more price tag for a commercial-grade C02 extraction machine.

With the rosin press conundrum across Canada, businesses and personal producers are stuck in a bind. Do they resign to using a domestic product that lacks the reputation and quality to achieve the desired results? Do they choose to buy from a seller on Instagram, or do they go the international route? Unfortunately, this path can lead to high prices and little to show for their return on investment.

That’s why PurePressure wants to resolve this issue with affordable, high-quality options for rosin pressing in Canada or wherever. We have a slew of products and have a few more on the way that satisfies both sides of the market’s demand.

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What Can PurePressure do for Canada’s Rosin Pressers?

Canadian rosin pressers can turn to PurePressure to find a clean rosin pressing that domestic producers aren't generating today. Instead of opting for the suboptimal machine quality, they've gone with our line of products including the Pikes Peak rosin press.

Our rosin press gives Canadian producers the customization they need to produce the high yield, high-quality rosin they've sought after. Pikes Peak users can customize every part of the rosin making process, including temperatures, the amount of pressure our 5-ton pneumatic press applies and even the presses alignment. The Pikes Peak (and it’s 8-ton cousin, the Longs Peak rosin press) includes several other innovative features and safety precautions to provide a safe and lucrative pressing every time.

Our customers in Canada and beyond love the high-yield rosin they can produce, topping out at 35 grams of flower or 70 grams of kief in a single press with the Longs Peak. They also love the customer service that comes from our close-knit team based in Denver, Colorado. Never hesitate to reach out to us as well. We prioritize our customers and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Since it's emerging trend up north, some Canadian customers might have a bit of reluctance getting into rosin pressing. While the process is quite simple, it does have a learning curve. Instead of throwing you to the wild with your new rosin press, we can get you on the right path with a starter kit and our video tutorials.

If you need a smaller press solution, keep an eye out. We’ll have a home press coming out soon. We are happy to meet the demand of our customers whenever possible. Contact us today and let us know what you need. We’ll make sure that rosin pressing and Canada have an incredible partnership.

Discover the Difference

Canada’s product evolution is sure to change alongside its market. The rate of product evolution is uncertain and might not keep pace for some time. That’s why Canadian rosin pressers have to turn to the international market without spending in excess of $100,000 for superb equipment. In time, home-based solutions will come to market. Though, it’s uncertain when that time will be.

PurePressure already serves as the solution for pressers across Canada. If you haven’t already, drop us a line to learn more about how we can improve your rosin press yields in Canada and beyond. We make the importing process extremely simple and affordable, too!