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What's Up With Legal Weed in Canada?

Bad news about Canada’s legalization, folks. It looks like the country’s proposed date for legalization, July 1st, won’t happen. Despite President Justin Trudeau and other’s predictions for a July 1st start, what held up Canada becoming the second country to join Uruguay in legalizing cannabis? And more to the point, when will Canada legalize marijuana sales and possession?  

With legalization day fast approaching, even without a definite day now in sight, many questions remain as to what Canada’s recreational marijuana market will look like. With some answers coming in while other questions are bubbling up. With all the new developments, now is a perfect time to take a look at the Great White North’s soon to be legal green market.

So, When Can I Buy Legal Cannabis in Canada?

Hate to break it to all you readers that planned a cannabis vacation to Canada in July or August. It now looks like Canada will now legalize sales at the end of September - and the reason largely boils down to politics and law enforcement.

Canada's marijuana sales are held up due to legislation in the Senate. President Trudeau's liberal party holds the majority in the executive branch. However, the conservative Senate now holds up a House of Commons bill that passed last year at a tally of 200 to 82.

The Senate argued for additional time to prepare law enforcement across the country for sales. Lawmakers believe that law enforcement officials have never been equipped to contest the country's black market sales. Additional concerns shared across the aisle regard provincial laws as well as learning lessons from prior industries. One such measure considered for cannabis includes using generic packaging to avoid the issues that came from tobacco sales.

Setbacks aside, Canadians should be able to purchase cannabis by the end of September 2018. With Canada's marijuana sales likely to begin soon, how will the market look like and what products will soon be available for purchase?

Canada Rosin Press Legalization 2018

Rosin and Canada Make Sense Together

When the market eventually opens, products will mirror what you find in U.S. markets. That includes a fast growing product: rosin.

The rosin boom in recent years may have begun out of Southern California, but today it is grabbing the world's attention. In recent years, major publications began touting rosin as a game changing-way to get high. Fast forward to this year, and now rosin technology is the talk of events and trade shows in the U.S. and beyond. At the 2018 Spannabis event in Barcelona, rosin piqued the interest of several minds in the industry.

If Canadian buying trends are anything like America's first few legalized states, then rosin could become one of the top sellers in the marketplace. According to the 2017 Marijuana Business Factbook, rosin was the fastest growing subcategory in both Colorado and Washington state. At a staggering 3,062%, rosin crushed even the closest subcategories, distillates (2,825%) and live resin (823%). While purchasing trends are sure to vary, it’s unlikely that Canadians won’t want the same solventless, high potency, homogenized products.

Rosin suits Canadian businesses as well. With companies taking longer to turn profits, it only makes sense that processing facilities incorporate products that produce high yields which cut the turnaround time it takes to generate a profit.

Accessibility is also on the rise. Canada has long faced a shortage of domestic rosin press machine companies. Now, the market is beginning to crowd already. For at home production, even major big-box general merchandisers are getting into the game as well. Walmart now sells rosin press machines online for home production. While a massive step for the market, the yields for these products have not been ideal. Regardless, these collective steps for company and home production show that Canada could be the next destination for a massive spike in rosin sales.

Rosin Dabs in Canada

Legalization Day is Still Fast Approaching

Even with the setback, Canadians should be able to purchase cannabis by the end of summer 2018 legally. With the momentous day fast approaching, many developments could shake the country’s trajectory, including law enforcement and cannabis’ potential influence on youth. However, the struggles between the Liberal and Conservative Party should be smoothed out in the coming weeks.

While we’ll need to wait some time for sales data, rosin should play a significant part in Canada’s market. With sales in the U.S. and buzz in Europe growing, rosin appears to be a global market influencer. By all accounts, Canada should become just another proof of concept for rosin press machines in home and business use.

Whether you are in Canada or the U.S., we're ready to help you get the highest yielding, highest potent rosin you can press. Contact us today, and we'll have you pressing rosin in no time!

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