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Solventless Processing Set to Expand in 2019 and Beyond

Legal movements across the United States has 2019 shaping up to be another progressive year for the cannabis industry. As such, solventless cannabis extraction and cultivation is expected to be on the rise even more than it has been in recent years.

Here are some of the most noteworthy happenings that occurred in 2018:


Vermont began last year as a trailblazer in America. The state became the first to legalize adult use consumption via the legislature instead of voting. Since then, the state has focused on solidifying the laws for recreational sales. Nearly a year later, and the parameters of the marketplace seem to be near completion.

While the state hammers out the critical details, its medical program is up and running.  

New Mexico

A recent poll found that 60% of New Mexico residents support legalizing cannabis for adults 21 and over. More telling, all five geographic regions of the state - from the conservative east to liberal north - all support the measure. Under newly inaugurated Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, the state now has a pot proponent leading the state. Could this lead to New Mexico allowing adult use?

Forbes believes so, including New Mexico in its list of states most likely to legalize this year. With lawmakers on both sides of the aisle acknowledging that cannabis will be legal soon, it only makes sense that The Land of Enchantment will follow consumer trends and see an uptick in concentrates purchases and production.

New Jersey

New Jersey Governor’s promise to legalize cannabis in the first 100 days of his administration did not come to fruition. That said, progress was made in the Garden State. Some held out hope that a vote could legalize cannabis during the final days of 2018. However, that did not come to light as lawmakers hash out the finer details. One of the main points being how much recreational pot should be taxed. Some expect that if lawmakers can come to terms early enough, the Governor could sign off on the bill as early as February.


Connecticut is another state whose cannabis prospects are brighter thanks to a newly inaugurated Governor. This past year, the state was expected to vote on a legalization bill, but that did not come to fruition. The stalling of the process has a high likelihood of moving forward in the new year. The Constitution State's new Governor, Ned Lamont, will be sworn in on January 9th - unofficially marking the push for legalized cannabis in the state.

With the University of Connecticut offering courses in cannabis careers, it’s high time the state follows through on what some expected to occur in 2018.


Cannabis' prospects in the Midwest became ridiculously bright after Michigan voted to legalize adult use in November 2018. With tax revenue expected to earn $130 million per year, other states in the region may soon follow suit.

Illinois’ incoming Governor, JB Pritzker, has made his feelings clear: we need to legalize marijuana. State lawmakers in the lead up to Pritzker's inauguration. This includes rallying support for legalization bills. So far, efforts haven't swayed key communities entirely and more work is required to ensure that legalization will positively impact the people affected most during the prohibition era.  


The Land of 10,000 Lakes joins Illinois as another Midwest state that may make significant cannabis progress in light of Michigan's news. Like Illinois, the state has a new Governor, Tim Walz, who has pledged to overhaul cannabis policy in Minnesota.

Since Walz election victory, news outlets have buzzed over possible legalization. While it does seem that Minnesota will have adult use cannabis one day, uncertainty surrounds its actual happening. That said, with in-state CBD sales hot this past holiday season, it appears to be that citizens are clamoring for cannabis access.

New Hampshire

While New Hampshire made the list, it comes with a prominent caveat. That caveats name is Governor Chris Sununu. Unlike several of the states rumored to make moves on cannabis, The Granite State does not have a supporter in its Governor. Sununu is such an opponent that his opposition mirrors that of Maine Governor Paul LePage and his regular efforts to derail cannabis legislation.

Gov. Sununu is such an opponent of the plant that he recently called legalization "the next major battle" in his administration. Despite the staunch opposition from the Governor, the state’s Congress could push through the agenda. Now, with both parties controlled by Democrats, some lawmakers believe that there is enough support to override Sununu’s opposition.

New York

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo used to be anti-legalization. That appears to have changed thanks to adult use sales in Massachusetts as well as New Jersey’s expected legalization. Now, the Governor is taking a page out of Governor Murphy’s playbook. In December, Cuomo announced plans to push through adult use laws in the first 100 days of 2019.

The move is widely rumored to be influenced mainly by revenue. Back in May of last year, New York State's comptroller found that the Empire State could generate an estimated that the $3.1 billion in annual state sales could result in a $1.3 billion in tax dollars generated per year.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island lawmakers appear to be reluctant to legalizing cannabis. That said, it also seems that they understand it is likely to happen regardless of their personal feelings. This outcome was supported by the state's Governor Gina Raimondo. As 2018 came to a close, the Governor admitted that with neighbors Massachusetts and Connecticut embracing legalization efforts, the small state may need to follow suit.

While the state mulls legalization, its medical program may expand in the meantime. Rhode Island began the year by considering joining a small yet growing number of states to expand medical access to anyone with an opioid-based prescription.

Commercial Scale Production Opportunities on the Rise

With such developments, producers in these states and beyond could find themselves flush with opportunities soon. Commercial-scale solventless processing and extraction are slated to have a huge 2019. Technological advancements in recent years have brought solventless hash technology from DIY rosin press setups to processes that can rival solvent-based extraction.

While we can’t guarantee any progress in the states above, each has excellent potential and demonstrates the nuances that make cannabis an intriguing subject to follow. Each represents a different push in cannabis progress. From New Hampshire’s potential clash between Congress and Governor to New Jersey’s will they-won’t they dance with adult use, each state presents an intriguing look into cannabis laws in America. Depending on how they play out, cannabis extraction could stand to benefit more than most other sectors of the industry.

Much more is left to unfold. That said, opportunities are rising. Now is the time to prepare yourself so you can be in on the action when state regulations allow for it. Contact us today to find out how you can get started with your own bubble hash and rosin press production venture.

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