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Rosin Presses & The International Cannabis Market

It may surprise some but the global cannabis market is starting to boom. The United States, while massive in stature, is just one of many several growing nations in the cannabis market. In fact, some are poised or already have lapsed the U.S. in the process. That said, a lot of time remains for large-scale cultivators to get involved in the global trade of cannabis.

As more nations open access to marijuana, rosin pressing stands poised to be a viable option for home and business use. With a low cost of entry, a rosin press machine cuts down on overhead while producing solvent-free, potent concentrates that the market is increasingly clamoring for.

Here are just a few destinations where rosin will likely take off in the not too distant future.

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Canada is set to open its legalized adult use marketplace this October. For entrepreneurs, the nation set forth a detailed list of regulations related to all aspects of the industry, licensing included. In this case, Canadian and foreign owners have the opportunity to enter the market.  In addition to domestic opportunities, the country is already an exporter of dry flower and should continue to see business grow through imports. Because Canada has legalized cannabis at the federal level, it is going to become a massive exporter of a variety of products. Germany is expected to be a big customer upfront (and is already purchasing cannabis products from Canada), with many more as time goes on since Canada will offer a higher degree of sophistication in its cultivation and processing abilities than upcoming nations.

Projections expect for Canada's market to be worth between $2.3 billion and $4.5 billion by 2021, according to Marijuana Business Daily's Countries to Watch report. A big key here is that at present, hydrocarbon extraction will not be allowed as a major processing method, however solventless and CO2 will be. Additionally, with edibles and infused products set to hit shelves in October of 2019, rosin producers could find ample opportunities for growth just one year into the country's market opening. While finding a rosin press machine domestically has been an issue in the past, more and more PurePressure distributors will be providing processing operations with top quality rosin presses to meet the expected massive demand domestically and abroad.


Marijuana has long been a problem in Mexico thanks to its associations to deadly drug cartels. In 2017, the country made its first steps to stave off gang violence and provide patients relief with the legalization of medical cannabis with one percent or less THC. Now, former President and current board member of Canada's Khiron Life Sciences, Vincente Fox believes new president Andrés Manuel López Obrador will legalize adult use in 2019. Fox went even further to say that cannabis should be added to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Data for Motley Fool placed Mexico as the fifth largest international cannabis market by 2022. By that time, sales of legal cannabis are expected to hit $99 million. Currently, the country is slated to earn $14 million this year. While the country's legal status is up in the air, citizens and prominent lawmakers give hope that more is to come in Mexico soon enough.


Spain is a particularly interesting country. Personal use is decriminalized in the nation - which has paved the way for numerous cannabis clubs to exist across the nation. However, clubs have seen a rise in police raids and crackdowns in recent time. Spain has a thriving cannabis culture which we expect to grow tremendously as technology is exported from the US and Canada into its market.

That aside, Spain is still a booming market and gathering place for the cannabis industry. That includes global events like the Spannabis conference, which is its seventh year. Additionally, the country is regarded for its medical research that has made advancements in cannabis since 1998. With a wide variety of options, rosin pressing could find a place in home operations, clubs or as part of vital research.

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Germany is expected to be one of Europe's most prominent names in cannabis, and will likely become a global presence in the years to come. With its medical cannabis market open, the country has been importing its supply from Canada while it develops its own domestic flower. However, legal issues have made the process stop and start several times in recent months.

Despite the country's prohibition on concentrates at the moment, Marijuana Business Daily's report suggests that may change. The report suggests that rules and customer preferences will increase demand for oil. Even if that projection does not reach fruition, the country still allows for the import of oils, which could make rosin pressing businesses around the world take attention.


Australia's medical marijuana market has been far from ideal since its launch in 2016. Yet, certain states have made efforts to cut down on red tape and enhance access to the program. The country allows for exports, which places a high value on licenses for cultivation and manufacturing. For this reason and others, the country has already become a destination for global investors.

Meanwhile, the country's black market continues to thrive, which indicates a strong possibility for significant sales if a marketplace was established. MJ Biz Daily's statement went on to note that rosin pressing could find a foothold through joint ventures. Companies from the U.S., Canada and more have already gotten in on the action. Meanwhile, domestic businesses can get involved in extraction, making a rosin press machine a cost-efficient solution to enter the market at a much lower overhead price.

A Wide Range of Country’s on the Rise

The countries above represent just a portion of the global markets that could be the next destinations for cannabis growth. South America is rife with activity with Uruguay leading the way as the first legalized adult use nation in the world. Close behind are Colombia, Brazil and Chile. With Portugal and the Netherlands both involved in cannabis, we are now seeing increased activity in Italy, the Czech Republic, Greece, Macedonia, Malta and several other countries. While Africa and Asia lack the number of countries involved, progress from Lesotho to Zimbabwe to New Zealand and India all give promise to what could come.

Although the medical and legal status of cannabis varies, as does its regional stigma, it is no surprise that marijuana is growing. As such, rosin pressing has a place for cultivators, extractors and shippers of all varieties. It is a concentrate that has the solvent-free, low-cost appeal that makes it viable for both medical and adult use consumers.

Even nations without explicit concentrates laws should see a rise in rosin press machines as home cultivation is allowed. Like in North America, the rosin press trend will continue as consumers opt for potent products that contain little to no contaminants. Whether for personal use or business, a rosin press machine will make more sense as each market matures. Even in markets where business won't be viable, rosin pressing can still have a place for cultivators seeking their own oils and edibles for medical or personal use.

As the rise in cannabis, and subsequently rosin, continues PurePressure is eager to provide customers with the commercial rosin press solutions that work for businesses and individuals alike. Whether pressing oil for your medical needs or doing so for your next business expansion, we’re here to help. That includes our team of expert consultants ready to give you the advice needed to get going in the industry.

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