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Impending Cannabis Legalization in Mexico?

Is the United States about to get lapped once again by its neighbors? That looks to be the case as Mexico appears to be on its way to legalizing cannabis in the country. While a shot in the gut for Americans, Mexico's progress is a fantastic bit of news regardless. The move could stifle drug cartel-related violence while providing an incredible revenue stream to the country. Companies are already lining up their prospects in Mexico. What about you?

With Mexico on the verge of legalization, solventless cannabis extraction in Mexico is expected to serve as a major component of the market. PurePressure is excited to help expand rosin in Mexico when the time comes. For now, let's recap why the Mexican market is looking so hot these days.

Mexico Set to Legalize Cannabis in 2018?

Mexico's potential move towards legalization is a bright spot on a dark timeline for the country; which includes thousands of deaths and kidnappings due to black market activities. The movement began like many have, with small possession decriminalization in 2009. In June 2017, the country took further steps and legalized medical cannabis use use which would be regulated by the Ministry of Health. While the move was positive for progress, President Enrique Pena Nieto took a stance numerous politicians have assumed as a reluctant gatekeeper for the flower. Pena Nieto's position mirrored the approved yet restrictive regulations first put in place for medical cannabis. Nevertheless, the feeling was that the country was on the path to enhanced access.

Pena Nieto's presidency is slated to end this November. The new President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, won in a landslide that centered on left-leaning policies that varied greatly from his predecessor. AMLO's party, Morena, also holds the majority in Congress and have already presented a bill to legalize and regulate cannabis from cultivation to sale. Senator Olga Sánchez Cordero, who will serve as Interior Secretary for the next President, presented the bill, focusing on changing the nation. Sen. Cordero said, “We don’t want more deaths," adding, "It will be a major contribution to bringing peace to our beloved country.”

The bill is expected to pass through Congress with relative ease. If so, Mexico would join Uruguay and Canada in allowing its citizens to grow, sell, transport, process and purchase their own cannabis. One key point of the bill includes allowing citizens to grow up to 20 mature plants at any time with a cap at 480 grams per year. Additionally, medical patients will be allowed to apply for quantity exemptions to treat their symptoms. Furthermore, public consumption will be permitted as well. All of which gives positive signs to the commercial industry in Mexico.

With AMLO set to assume leadership of Mexico on December 1, 2018, significant changes could be coming to Mexico’s pot policy. Rosin in Mexico could soon become a fixture in this burgeoning market. Heaps of potential are already coming to the surface. Cannabis extraction in Mexico represents just one facet of an exciting marketplace that may soon put further pressure on its neighbor to the north to consider doing the same.

Rosin in Mexico? Time to Start Planning Your Business Now!

Mexico has always had fertile soil. While the dry climate has made cultivation difficult for areas of the country, the Golden Triangle is world renowned for its cannabis production. Like California's Emerald Triangle, this area of Mexican land that spans the states Sinaloa, Durango, and Chihuahua, is a major cultivator of quality cannabis. The area, unfortunately, has long been associated with the Sinaloa drug cartel. Yet, there is hope that the AMLO presidency can reverse this course in the Golden Triangle and across the country. Judging from business activity, optimism abounds.

Mexico is slated to become a significant player as regulations rollback. By 2022, the nation is projected to be a top five international market for cannabis. That includes expected revenue to reach $99 million by 2022. Helping spur along the progress are some major names in the global cannabis market. They include Canada's Khiron Life Sciences Corp. The company's Chief Regulatory Officer, Juan Diego Alvarez, told Benzinga in November that “Recent positive developments in Mexico show that Latin America is the most dynamic region in the world right now in terms of regulatory changes for the medical cannabis industry.” With the new laws expected to pass, the medical industry may not be the only sector to target. Another Canadian company, Steep Hill, plans to expand its testing facilities for cultivators, producers, processors and retailers to Mexico as well as six European nations.

In short, get your business plans ready now if you want to thrive in Mexico. Or, as Mexico-based lawyer Jose Alberto Campos Vargas explained to Marijuana Business Daily that forming relationships and understanding the laws now are essential to success. “It is important that companies that wish to engage in the industry in the near future start to analyze potential legal issues and to participate in the creation of standards for everything related to the industry.”

We believe that solventless extraction in Mexico is sure to be a hit just as it has in markets around the globe. Looking over past trends, we anticipate that rosin in Mexico will be huge sooner than later. The demand for concentrated cannabis products like rosin and other solventless creations is sure to rise as the regulations fall. For Mexican entrepreneurs and outsiders alike, now is the time to lay the groundwork for your cannabis business in Mexico if you haven't done so already.

Satisfying the Solventless Cannabis Concentrates Demand in Mexico

With Mexico likely set to legalize cannabis in the coming months, the market is set to further saturate and ingrain itself into the country. The demand for solventless products is evident in countries like Canada and in numerous U.S. markets. The emergence of cannabis extraction in Mexico is sure to come with the impending expanded access from legalization. As such, whether looking to start a business or produce for yourself, solventless extraction is a worthwhile investment to consider.

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