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Why It Saves You Money to Get Turnkey Lab Consulting

If you’re looking to get your rosin extraction lab off the ground, then it makes sense to hire PurePressure’s consulting services!

Getting a solventless lab established and producing quality yields takes time and energy regardless the scale of your operation. Your time is vital, and any mistake can set you back. Those mistakes can also cost you funds you can’t afford to burn. Josh Rutherford, PurePressure Co-founder and industry specialist, heard these concerns from countless customers over the years.

"After receiving endless feedback from the community on our educational content and videos, we started getting consulting requests because we work with the best in the business. In order to meet that demand, we have custom designed programs to get everyone what they have been asking for all at very reasonable pricing."

Today, PurePressure is thrilled to provide solventless extraction consulting to our community. Here are some of the benefits of working with solventless extraction consulting:

Solventless Lab Equipment Expertise

"PurePressure had the benefit of entering the concentrate industry very early on,” explains PurePressure Co-founder and Lead Engineer Benjamin Britton. “Once the equipment was developed, the floodgates of information opened up and we suddenly became a knowledge hub for everything solventless."

Now, we want to pass that information onto your solventless lab. Our team wants to save your time and money wasted on bad advice. With our experts guiding you towards your goal, you are sure to have the best equipment to produce rosin. We’ll make sure that your rosin extraction lab is ready to able to generate the yields you need to turn a profit.

Insider Tips and Tricks

PurePressure’s solventless extraction consulting provides rosin extraction labs with cutting-edge industry advice your solventless lab needs to shorten its learning curve drastically. We’re excited to pass on valuable industry knowledge that delivers an incredible product from the first try.

"Over the past few years we have immersed ourselves in the world of solventless concentrates and have developed solid processes for consistent results,” Britton explains. “We understand the value of a streamlined production environment and want to offer our expertise to help others attain record-breaking profitability in the cannabis market."

Instead of relying on guides and online how-to’s, invest in a proven method. Our Consultants understand the individual needs and demands of each rosin extraction lab. We’re happy to discuss your goals before you hire us. Reach out if you have any questions!

Strain and Genetic Guidance

Produce to the point that you hit your maximums! With our Consultants by your side, we’ll recommend the top genetics and strains that produce. In the past, we’ve detailed just some of the best strains for rosin pressing. Now, imagine that information amplified at least one hundred-fold.

That is precisely what you’ll get with PurePressure.

We will have you producing profitable, terpene-rich yields early and often. No worries wasting time pressing a subpar flower here. Instead, you’ll have industry-leading insights at your disposal - ready to press only the finest strains possible. Be ready for copious golden rosin coming your way.

Rosin Industry Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Working with PurePressure gives you access to not only some of the top rosin experts in the industry. You also get the insights of some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry today. We work with extraction labs and businesses of all sizes, including some of the hottest brands in cannabis. We’re happy to tap into our network to provide you the exact information you need to get your rosin extraction lab where it needs to be.

PurePressure’s Consultants are ready to assist you at any stage of the operation. We’re happy to give you those final pearls of wisdom you need to open your licensed operation. Our team is just as excited to help get your unlicensed lab ready to meet regulations and press as well.

Get your solventless lab off the ground in shorter time with PurePressure’s solventless extraction consulting. Drop us a line today and have your lab up and running in no time!