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PurePressure's New Premium Twist Rosin Presses

PurePressure is proud to announce its new Artisan Series rosin presses - the Helix and the Helix Pro.

Ever since we created the first Pikes Peak rosin press prototype back in 2015, we've always wanted to create a premium manual option. It took us a while to really gear up on the project, but we started the formal design process just over a year ago in 2017. When we set out to build these presses, we weren't sure where the mandate would take us: build a manual rosin press that is of comparably high quality as our Commercial Series units, that is extremely easy to use, while ensuring that it could be easily portable. It turns out meeting those seemingly simple requirements took a lot of research and development to finally settle on the features we felt good about. 

The new Artisan Series features the 3 ton Helix and the 5 ton Helix Pro, which we have cycle tested over 40,000 times. After we started doubling the rated force capacity, we had a bolt break after all of those cycles. These are tough machines that we've engineered to last a lifetime of rosin pressing. Literally. If you pressed every 5 minutes for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, for an entire year, you still wouldn't hit the number of times we did our initial cycle test. This means that for the average user, we predict they will press rosin for a very, very long time, requiring almost no maintenance to do so.

Why a twist rosin press, though? Doesn't everyone do a clamp or a lever?

One of the key reasons we chose to the twist mechanic is that the lead screw we selected use allows for unparalleled precision in the rosin pressing process - a user can increase pressure by as little as 10-15 lb/f at a time. For comparison, that's a fraction of the normal 1 PSI increments that our Pikes Peak V2 or Longs Peak can increase by. When you're pressing high quality materials in small batches, that level of control is vital to ensure you never blow out a bag and that you can get the best quality rosin possible. 

How do you know how precise they are?

Another major feature we've implemented with the Helix and Helix Pro rosin presses is a true, fully calibrated load cell to accurately determine force at any given time. This means that you can fully watch the screen to see exactly how much pressure is being applied in order to follow recipes and recreate strain-specific parameters for perfectly consistent rosin, just like on our Commercial Series presses. Many other rosin presses, even very expensive ones, simply have an analog pressure gauge, if anything at all - which are notoriously inaccurate. By incorporating a digital load cell, we can guarantee extremely accurate force readings.

The presses also feature our Pressware™ digital touchscreen LCD technology, which allows for saving recipes, timings, and heat control at the push of a button. Instead of clunky manual PID-controlled press buttons, everything is digital and smooth. When you initiate a press, it will count for you and allow you to save your results into a new recipes to be followed again later. 

What am I really getting for the price?

At the end of the day for us at PurePressure, we strive to bring only the best products possible to the market. That started with our Pikes Peak, which inspired the Longs Peak, and is reflected in the quality of the Helix and Helix Pro. Making the best rosin presses in the world means that we only source the best parts for them, and we only staff the most talented individuals on our customer service team to ensure we have can provide the best customer service in the industry. The Helix and Helix Pro rosin presses are built to the same standard as our laboratory-grade rosin presses, and are made in the same factory here in Denver, Colorado. We don't cut corners, and ultimately that means you truly get what you pay for with our new Artisan Series units.

The pre-order is available now for a limited time, with only 25 of each rosin press available for sale through the end of the year. Not to mention if you pre-order, you could win a second press for free for you or a free. Or just keep them both, we won't judge.